Friday, June 5, 2015


Every once a while, the world is struck by events of grave importance and profound implications. By pushing the button and publishing this post, such a moment has finally arrived. Long awaited, realzeit is finally starting to write a blog.


realzeit is a company started by three tech-savvy physicists who found their way into the exciting and fast-moving world of mobile advertising. Coming from the simple and well-structured area of science, entering the world of mobile marketing was like entering the Wild West - it was utterly confusing.
All kinds of companies offer solutions for myriads of different problems that you never knew you would have and the whole industry seems at the first glance as a hugely complicated jungle. Furthermore, everyone seems to be working together with everyone else.
To make the whole topic even more complex, it is impossible for newbies to talk to industry veterans. Even the 'Fantastischen Vier' would be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of three-letter acronyms flowing around in every conversation.
As if this would not be confusing enough, the industrie has become incredibly technical and complicated. People starting out with a business or marketing (i.e. non-tech) backgrounds have fierce discussion about tracking technologies, fingerprinting solutions, data analysis and topics of this sort. It honestly took awhile to feel at home in the digital marketing community.


Fortunately, we managed to find our way and we started to see and understand the value proposition of most online marketing companies. However, it is important to understand that not all problems can be solved by one approach.
At this point, it seems useful to speak about what realzeit is actually offering. Our bidding strategy is not directed at short-term actions like clicks, but much rather optimizes on long-term goals like user activity or CLV. We are convinced that only active users who spend time inside an app or on a mobile site will be the ones spending money in the end. This in mind, we offer solutions for prospecting as well as retargeting/re-engangement.
If people speak with us, they are usually trying to find out why we can solve such and such problems better than others. It is a valid question and we love to tell you, but let me give some general thoughts about the secret sauce in real-time advertising.


If you walk around at a randomly chosen online marketing conference, you will hear from all corners things about wondrous algorithms that have the answer to all of your problems. Some companies just seem to have solved programmatic. Scary for the likes of us that need to compete with such ingenuity...
We would love to let ourselves be seduced by the sound of such sweet sweet promises. The unromantic though not entirely unexpected truth is that programmatic is hard work. Sound machine learning has to smoothly integrate into a scalable real-time infrastructure that processes a mind-blowing number of requests. You always need to be on your toes and it is a neverending story to optimize and improve the system.
Nonetheless, we enjoy what we do and we built technology we are poud of! We onstantly challenge ourselves to become better and better and, of course, we will continue to do so. Fortunately, we have great customers that we love to work with. Their feedback rather directly finds its way into our product development and enables us to move forward quickly.
Although, we do not believe in magic algorithms, we have by now quite a lot of experience with optimization and finding the right users at the right time for our customers. In this blog, you will find, among other things, posts about our experiences and ideas how to do this the right way.


The realzeit team is interested in many things and we believe that technology, data analysis and business in general are strongly intertwined in our field of digital marketing. We want to share some of our experiences and our everyday struggles. Accordingly, this blog will contain many topics and not everyone will be interested in every post. In order to easily skip posts that are not of interest, we will mark them appropriately. Topics will be one of the following:
  • Data Science/Machine Learning
  • Business-related topics
  • IT/infrastructure-related topics
  • Just any random other thing
In any case, although we were too lazy to include a feedback or comment functionality in our little blog area, we are looking forward to your feedback. If you have any great idea or criticism that you would like to share with us or if you merely want to tell us what a great company we are, we are looking forward to hearing from you.
Just contact us under  or click on the respective name to write a message directly to the author of each post.