Saturday, June 20, 2015


This week was very exciting for us. We got shortlisted for the Performance Marketing Award hosted by Criteo. Our category was “Most Innovative Performance Marketing Start-up“ where we were selected from more than 50 promising companies. However, the competition was quite tough. The shortlist for the finals was comprised of us, esome from Hamburg and yieldify from London. Esome won the award this time and we send big congrats to our friends in Hamburg – we’ll give them a harder time next year!


The day started out great. As an appetizer to the award ceremony, we visited the Criteo Live conference at the HKW in Munich. The agenda was centered around mobile commerce, a topic very much to our liking. We were quite eager to see what the retargeting giant Criteo would come up with.
After Alexander Gösswein, Criteo's MD Central Europe, greeted everyone, the conference started with a talk of Criteo's Eric Eichmann. After being introduced with his apparently fantastic dance skills, he did not dissapoint us with his statistics. We were not quite suprised that consumers are going mobile, but we are always happy to see new numbers from all sides that support our business model.
The afternoon continued with a panel centered around mobile consumer engagement hosted by Katharina Meran. Zalando's Julia Stern and FTI's Gerrit Peters discussed their views on the topic. I think it is safe to say that Gerrit's cynical comments very much entertained the whole audience. And as always, Julia provided very interesting insights about how to deal with the mobile challenges. Nonetheless, we would have liked if Julia let us in on more of her secrets and tricks. I am sure that almost everyone would be quite eager to gain more knowldege of the inner life of one of the most advanced companies in the marketing world.
Now came the entertaining part. Dietmar Dahmen, proclaimed futurist, gave a talk with the title 'Whats next'. We have to admit that from a logics perspective it may have been hard to follow his reasoning at times, but - oh boy - this guys is born for the stage. There was not one boring minute and the crowd was in awe. His message: Don't stick to the existing, but much rather find new and innovative solutions or how he put it: 'Don't ask why! Ask why not.


The next part of the afternoon was dedicated to the topic cross device. Who else than Florian Heinemann should give a keynote on this? We agree with him that it is hugely complicated to do cross device tracking and not one player in the market has solved this problem satisfyingly. It remains to lock at and pair with the big players who have better cross device data.
The respective panel was also with him together with Westwing's Moritz Feld and DB's Bülent Inci. Bülent gave us an idea about the problems that a large Germany company has with privacy and Moritz told us about the fortuntate decision that his shopping club enforces a login, which solves at least their cross device problem.
The afternoon eneded with a talk of Jonathan Wolf, CPO of Criteo. He is also an ex-physicist and, thus, right from the start he gained some sympathy points from us. His talk was almost identical to the one of Eric Eichmann, showing stats about the rapidly growing mobile usage of eCommerce. However, he added some ideas about the very common usage of multiple devices for online shopping. I guess now it is official that mobile is on the rise.
By now it became time to suit up and head to the GOP in the center of Munich to attend the award ceremony.


Finally found out that we are in Munich. Suited and booted, we - that is Ilja, Heiko and me - went to the GOP in Maximilianstraße in Munich. The location was absolutely great and it started with a glass of champagne. Obviously, we looked on point and blended in perfectly into the suited Online Marketing scene.
And amazingly unsharp photo of Ilja, Heiko and Markus enjoying their time at the Performance Marketing Awards.
The location is a varieté theater and dinner was served with a show. The show was entertaining and the highlight was a blonde artist sliding heads first down a pole, stopping centimers in front of the ground. Hard to explain, but it was quite cool.
The show started with host Esther Sedlaczek entering in a fog machine created mist. Very dramatic entry worth a Performance Marketing Awards. And it started out great for our table. Annika Schmidt, our dinner companion from Fashion ID, and her co-workers secured the first-ever Performance Marketing Award in the category best cross channel/ cross device campaign. Thus, we got a close-up of the award and we have to admit that it is quite nicely designed. Well done!
The winners followed: best technology provider became productsup , best performance display campaign in retail was given to bonprix . Furthermore, TUIfly won the price for the best performance display campaign in the travel category and the price for the best performance agency went to explido iProspect .
Host Esther Sedlaczek and jury member Philipp Westermeyer announce the winner in the most innovative performance marketing startup category.
Of course, we were most excited about the most innovative performance marketing start-up category. Here we were nominated with esome and yiedlify. The price was presented by Esther and jack-of-all trades Philipp Westermeyer. He almost stole the show by attempting to flirt with Esther, which did turn out to be quite entertaining. All in all, the tension was rising.


Who would have believed this outcome: realzeit did not win. Hamburg's esome made the race. When we heard the numbers 49 employees and 50 million revenue after on year, our jaws dropped and we got eaten by jealousy. Guess it was a price well-earned. However, as soon as we saw how excited the esome team was after their win, we could not help being happy for them. Great guys, great company. Congrats, boys!
As you already learned from this post, we had a great time in Munich. Suited up we looked amazing, had good food, a couple of drinks and met some nice people. Perfect use of a lazy Thursday.